Welcome to Best of Brewing! My name is Luke, a specialty coffee lover and expert who started this blog in 2021 to help spread knowledge and passion about my favorite beverage. I and others write about everything related to coffee. Wherever you are on your coffee journey, the goal is that Best of Brewing’s content can help you enjoy it even more!

“Coffee makes us severe, and grave and philosophical.”

Jonathan Swift

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The Mission & Backstory

Every day, more and more people are falling into the specialty coffee rabbit hole. However your coffee passion starts, you eventually realize that there is much more to coffee than you thought. And, this leads to a steep learning curve and a bunch of questions: Where does coffee come from? What makes a coffee specialty quality? How do people make delicious specialty coffee at home? What products can I buy without spending too much?

So, since I already loved researching all things coffee, I decided to keep my passion for coffee alive and growing by writing about it as much as possible. I am always trying to spread specialty coffee knowledge and passion with friends and family, so I figured why not share it with the internet as well! Whether it is coffee history and culture or the more geeky stuff—the brewing, roasting, equipment, and recipes—I wanted to help others develop a deeper appreciation and knowledge of coffee.

You can be a hard-core specialty coffee person or at the beginning stages of coffee curiosity. Either way, the goal is for Best of Brewing’s content to help advance your coffee knowledge and skills.

Lastly, craft coffee may involve a lot of specialized knowledge. However, I believe coffee and specialty coffee should be more inviting and less snobby. So, let’s leave our egos aside and just focus on the amazing beverage we call coffee!

Our Authors & Contributors

Hi, my name is Luke Balslov, and that’s me brewing a couple of V60 pour-over coffees. I am the founder and primary contributor to Best of Brewing, although I hope to grow the team little by little over the coming months and years! I’ve been a passionate specialty coffee geek since 2013. Over the years, I’ve purchased more specialty coffee equipment than I care to admit, and I’m always adding more to my collection.

And, besides geeking out on specialty coffee at home, I also used to be a barista for many years making all kinds of coffee and espresso drinks.

You can read more about me, my coffee background, and my life as a musician on my author bio page.

Product Reviews

When it comes to product reviews and recommendations, we want to provide you with honest opinions and accurate information. So many product review blogs write boilerplate articles with clickbait titles. Or, they outsource the writing to non-expert people (or even AI.) However, we want Best of Brewing to be different (and useful!) While monetizing the website is one of the goals, we primarily wanted an outlet and excuse to spread coffee knowledge and continue our own coffee journeys. (Of course, if we can get some free products to review along the way, all the better!)

So, when we recommend a product, it is because we believe in that specific recommendation. Best of Brewing is independent, and our goal is to create content that people can trust. However, since we are all on a different coffee budget, not everyone should be getting the same recommendations. So in the product reviews and buying guides, the goal is to be clear about why we are suggesting a product and who it is best suited for. For somebody years into the specialty coffee world, an expensive burr grinder makes way more sense than it does for a beginner just getting started.

So the plan is to review many products at a range of coffee budgets to take into account where you are on your coffee journey. As a small independent project, Best of Brewing will try its best to access the specific products we are recommending to give it a hands-on review before writing. In some cases (for example, big product roundups with tons of items,) we rely on both personal experience and research to make our recommendations, and we will be honest about which products we have and have not personally tested.

What We Write About

Put simply, writing about coffee is fun for a coffee geek. Coffee is not just a beverage—it is an entire way of life. The history of coffee is long and fascinating, and as it spread around the world it brought with it a new culture. Some even credit coffee with sparking the Age of Enlightenment. In the modern-day, it is the second most traded commodity, second only to crude oil.

So to put it mildly, coffee is an integral part of the world. And w want to continue developing our relationships with coffee by sharing content with you. Whether that means investing in new equipment to review, trying new brewing recipes, debating specific approaches to brewing, or ordering from new specialty roasters, they are all activities that coffee geeks enjoy doing anyway!


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