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The Best Coffee Storage Containers In 2023 & How To Choose

If you are looking for the best coffee storage container to keep your beans fresh, this article will give you an overview of the best coffee containers on the market. Storage containers for coffee come in all shapes and sizes, but the main idea is that they have to work—a proper airtight coffee canister should keep your coffee tasting fresh and delicious.

Without an airtight coffee container, the money you spend on delicious coffee beans will go to waste as they age quickly and lose flavor.

airtight coffee storage container with blue bottle coffee bag. What are the best storage containers for coffee?

So keep reading this buying guide to learn about the proper storage for coffee beans and which options will best fit your needs.

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Best Coffee Storage Container: Our Pick

Especially if you have your coffee ground ahead of time, quality storage is a must. While coffee can last for a while in your kitchen, the quality of flavor degrades quickly. A proper container acts as a vacuum for an airtight seal that also protects your fresh coffee from moisture.

Like any proper food storage in your kitchen, keeping coffee beans fresh is all about delaying the aging process. So before reviewing every canister, let’s examine the top choice and why we picked it.

Top Choice: Coffee Gator Coffee Canister

The Coffee Gator Coffee Canister, our overall best coffee storage container

The combination of price and features is what makes the Coffee Gator Canister our top pick. At 22oz, it has more than enough room to hold a standard bag of coffee. The stainless steel material is durable, and the vacuum seal will keep oxygen and moisture away from your precious beans. Plus, Coffee Gator is a well-established company dedicated to coffee products.

There is a one-way vent to dispel CO2, a date tracker to keep track of freshness, and a scoop for those who wish to store coffee grounds. Overall, if you want a coffee container that keeps your coffee beans fresh without having to pay a premium price, this canister is it!

At a Glance: Best Coffee Containers

Before analyzing the details of each container, let’s first give an overview of the products in this article and the feature that stood out most for each one.

The 7 Best Storage Containers For Coffee: Reviews and Buying Guide

You might be starting to tell that specialty coffee people take storage seriously, and there are many details that go into keeping coffee fresh. So let’s do a deep dive into each coffee bean storage product above to help you narrow down your choices.

Coffee Gator Coffee Canister

Coffee Gator storage for coffee beans

Phil Williams founded Coffee Gator in 2015, and the company has quickly grabbed a huge share of the specialty coffee market. You could fill up your kitchen with their products, which include brewers, espresso machines, kettles, and various sizes of this airtight container. We chose this 22oz size because it will comfortably hold a standard bag of coffee—you can keep the beans in the bag!

It is stainless steel material, which blocks the harmful effects of direct sunlight, and has a one-way CO2 release valve to remove gas. The clamp on the lid makes an airtight seal and will also keep moisture away. As an added bonus, there is a date tracker on the top to help you keep track of coffee bean freshness, and there is a scoop for those who wish to store ground coffee.


  • Sturdy and durable (stainless steel)
  • Airtight seal and one-way CO2 release valve
  • Date tracker


  • The lid clasp can be flimsy
  • Lacking a vacuum mechanism to remove air


Overall, you can trust that a company dedicated to quality coffee will not cut corners on the product that keeps your beans fresh. While lacking a vacuum seal that sucks the air out, you will notice a huge upgrade in the longevity of delicious flavor from your specialty beans. For the price, you are getting a fantastic coffee container.

Fellow Atmos Vacuum Coffee Canister

Fellow Atmos coffee bean storage container

Fellow is a San Francisco-based specialty coffee company founded in 2013, and they are all about bringing function and craft to the world of coffee. They are probably best known for their fantastic gooseneck kettle—we use this every day for pour over coffee—and they also have a top-of-the-line coffee grinder on the market.

So it should come as no surprise that the Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister has a beautiful design and works great at keeping your coffee fresh. The product comes in multiple sizes, although we recommend the large 1.2L size that will easily hold a bag of coffee. While they do have a clear glass model, we love the matte black color, and it fits in perfectly with our Fellow gooseneck kettle.

But besides appearance, the material is stainless steel and the twist lug closure has an airtight silicone ring that protects your coffee from the air, moisture, and other odors. And on top of being airtight, there is a twist mechanism that removes the air and a green light to tell you when you have removed enough. When you are ready to open it, pressing a button releases the pressure.


  • The vacuum mechanism removes the air and green light shows when sealed
  • Sleek design: it will look beautiful in any kitchen
  • Multiple sizes and colors
  • Silicone airtight ring


  • Expensive
  • Creating a vacuum seal takes time/effort


Fellow makes specialty coffee products that look beautiful and have great functionality. You are paying a bit more than the basics, but in our experience, it has always been worth it. If you have invested in coffee equipment and fancy beans, why not spend a bit more to keep those beans as fresh as possible?

Prepara Evak Fresh Saver

Prepara Evak brand coffee containers

The Prepara Evak Fresh Saver has a simple design that makes removing air much easier than other models. And while you can spend slightly more for their larger containers, this 1.8-quart size should comfortably fit your coffee, even in its bag. Prepara makes many styles of food storage and kitchen tools, so this product need not be restricted to coffee storage.

Without any mechanisms or buttons to remove air, the design relies on you pushing the lid into the container. This design will remove air, but it will likely be less effective since you cannot compress coffee beans and some air will remain. One upside, though, is that as you use your coffee you just push the lid farther into the container.

Since a lot of our specialty coffee equipment has a sleek design and beautiful appearance, we did not love how this looked alongside our other gear. But compared to leaving coffee in a bag, you will notice much fresher beans for a super affordable price. The only other major downside is the clear glass, which means you will have to keep this in a cabinet to protect it from light.


  • Super affordable
  • Multiple sizes (you can nest containers within each other)
  • Easy push plunger mechanism to remove air
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning


  • Clear plastic does not block light
  • The airtight seal sometimes leaks


Compared to storing coffee beans in the bag you bought them in, this will be an upgrade and you will not have to spend much money. But if you want a coffee canister better suited to storing beans, consider spending a bit more to get better quality.

Airscape Coffee Canister

Airscape Coffee Canister for coffee bean storage

Next is the Airscape Coffee Canister, which is made of galvanized steel and built for bulk storage. When you buy this container, you will be able to store multiple bags of coffee at once—in total, this product can handle up to 2.2 pounds of coffee bean storage. And while you can find multiple colors and sizes, we think the largest size and the matte black color are the best fit. We love the idea of being able to throw multiple coffee bags into one storage container.

But the main draw for this product is the patented lid. The mechanism forces air out as you close it, and there is a locking mechanism to ensure an airtight seal. You can even hear a “swoosh” sound as you close the lid that shows just how much air would be potentially stealing flavor and freshness from your coffee beans.


  • High-quality galvanized steel material
  • Patented vacuum seal lid
  • The airtight lid keeps out moisture, light, and air
  • Huge kilo size fits up to 2.2 pounds of coffee beans
  • The “Swoosh” sound indicates how much air you removed


  • Galvanized steel is not as corrosion-resistant as stainless steel
  • Too large for folks who only use one bag of coffee at a time


This Airscape canister has a similar appearance to the Fellow Atmos with its matte black color and sleek design. And the patented vacuum sealing lid means that you will get better protection than cheaper models that advertise vacuum seals as a gimmick. But most of all, consider this coffee container if you want bulk storage.


Coffeevac 1 lb storage: best of large coffee storage containers

The Coffeevac 1 lb Container has plastic material and a 1.85-liter capacity. The size could be a problem for people who buy coffee in bulk, and we wish that they made larger containers with the same lid design. But if you will only be storing one bag of coffee beans at a time, highly consider this product for its airtight technology.

Coffeevac has a patented vacuum closure system that will remove oxygen at the push of a button. And there is a 2-way valve system that allows CO2 to flow out without letting any odors, moisture, or air in from the outside. You can also choose from a range of colors so that you can be sure it will match your kitchen decor.


  • Vacuum closure system
  • Airtight lid
  • CO2 escape valve
  • Solid material
  • Multiple colors


  • Small size
  • Some models do not block sunlight


For folks that want a dedicated mechanism that removes air, this Coffeevac 1 lb Container did a decent job and was easy to use. The CO2 degassing valve was another huge plus. The airtight seal is not as solid as the Fellow Atmos, but for the price, you should notice more freshness from your coffee beans.

Veken Coffee Canister

Veken Coffee Canister: fantastic for storage of coffee grounds

The Veken Coffee Storage Canister is an airtight container that comes in multiple colors and has a sleek design. Made from a mix of stainless steel, silicone, and rubber, this product is durable and has an airtight seal. The clasping mechanism of the lid comes close to the quality of Coffee Gator’s container, and the addition of the scoop makes it ideal for storing ground coffee.

Veken makes multiple models of a French Press, which is a good sign that they care about proper coffee storage and the details of brewing. There’s also a date tracker on the top lid, something most other containers did not have. With a date tracker, you can easily keep track of freshness, which is an even bigger concern with ground coffee.

While the airtight seal works fine, the big downside is there is no mechanism for removing air as you close the lid.


  • Stainless steel material
  • Date tracker on the top lid
  • Coffee scoop included
  • Airtight lid protects coffee beans
  • One-way CO2 valve


  • No vacuum mechanism


This airtight coffee canister has a design meant for storing coffee, and the addition of a date tracker is a nice touch. Since the airtight lid works great, there is a CO2 valve, and they threw in a free scoop, we consider this the best option for the storage of coffee grounds.

Bean Envy Coffee Canister

Bean Envy airtight coffee canister is the best ground coffee storage container

Last up is the Bean Envy Coffee Canister, and you can think of this product as the runner-up for ground coffee storage. With stainless steel material and multiple solid color options, you will protect your coffee beans or grounds from light. Like the Veken, there is the downside of no vacuum mechanism, but this model does include a date tracker and a free scoop.

Overall, this product is similar to the Veken, but you might notice that the lid mechanism is not as sturdy. For ground coffee, this difference might be negligible, and this will still be a huge upgrade compared to bag storage. Another downside is the lack of a CO2-degassing valve.


  • Durable stainless steel material
  • Date tracker
  • Free scoop
  • Airtight lid


  • No CO2 release valve
  • The airtight lid is not amazing


If you want to save some money for a similar ground coffee storage container to the Veken, you can consider this Bean Envy container. The seal is not as solid and you miss out on the CO2 release valve, but overall it will keep your grounds fresher.

Best Coffee Storage Containers: What to Look For

If you still need help deciding which container is best for you, let’s go over some of the basics of coffee storage and what you should look for.

Coffee Storage 101

Properly storing coffee beans is about more than just buying the right container—you should also understand what you need to avoid. The storage of coffee beans is like any food storage meant to prolong freshness: you want to avoid oxygen and moisture.

Freshly roasted coffee begins to age immediately, but protecting the bean from oxygen, sunlight, moisture, and extreme heat/cold will keep the flavor fresh and delicious for much longer. If you want a more thorough education on this topic, read our articles dedicated to why coffee expires.

Airtight Coffee Container

Every container in this article is airtight, and that is because oxygen is the enemy of freshly roasted coffee. As you read, not all containers are equally great at making an airtight seal, so you get your money’s worth on that front. We talk more about how to protect your beans from oxygen and other damaging elements in our article about storing coffee beans for maximum freshness.

Ground Coffee Storage Container

As a website dedicated to specialty coffee, we always recommend buying whole bean coffee and investing in a high-quality coffee grinder. But we understand that many folks prefer the simplicity of pre ground coffee that they can just scoop into a coffee maker. But even in this case, the proper storage of coffee grounds still requires an airtight seal to promote freshness.

So if you have to have your coffee ground ahead of time, you will still greatly benefit from a proper coffee canister.

Choosing a Coffee Storage Container: Final Thoughts

If you are investing in the higher cost of specialty coffee beans, you might as well invest in a one-time purchase that protects their delicate flavors. The proper storage for coffee beans is about protection from air, moisture, and light. And generally speaking, higher-priced storage containers for coffee tend to have a better airtight seal and some kind of vacuum mechanism.

Hopefully, you are now ready to upgrade your home coffee setup!

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