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Best of Brewing is the place to ignite and explore your passion for coffee and learn how to brew specialty coffee like a pro.

We deep dive into everything coffee—history, brewing methods, and equipment—so that you can focus on brewing and enjoying the perfect cup.

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What Is Best of Brewing?

Hi, my name is Luke, and welcome to my geeky coffee website Best of Brewing! I launched this 2021 as an excuse to write about and share my passion and knowledge for the world’s most amazing beverage, coffee!

I fell into the specialty coffee rabbit hole back in 2013, and over the years, I’ve spent more time learning about specialty coffee and more money on geeky coffee equipment than I care to admit. My primary job is being a classical musician, but over the years, I’ve worked many side jobs as a barista and have done more coffee experiments than you can imagine.

The mission of Best of Brewing is to keep my passion for coffee alive and growing and to help anyone else on their coffee journey!

How Do You Make Specialty Coffee?

To brew specialty coffee, you have to pay attention like a scientist to all of the parameters involved in the process. Extracting flavor from coffee is chemistry, and factors such as water type, water temperature, grind size, and brew time all affect the flavor.

And, before you even buy specialty coffee beans, the coffee farmers have to grow the coffee plants in a precise manner, picking the cherries at just the right time. Lastly, roasters have to master the art of roasting to cook the beans to the perfect roast level.

Third Wave Coffee

You may have also heard the term “third wave coffee” to describe the growing specialty coffee movement. Third wave coffee began in the 1970s on a small scale, but the wave has become huge over the last twenty years.

And now you can buy amazing coffee at the seemingly endless amount of specialty coffee cafes around the world. You can also invest the time to brew specialty coffee at home by learning on the internet.

Specialty Coffee Principles

Before you can brew delicious coffee at home, you have to learn the basics of what separates specialty coffee brewing from any other method of simply combining coffee and water. Get started with one of our more fundamental Coffee 101 articles below:

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